A Slow Day & Some Reflections

St Agnes, An Interesting Drive

Biot - a very picturesque town!, The Swedish Invasion,

Panoramic Views, A cool Car

Eze, Great Views, Awesome Moon

Fruit Market, The Nice Beach & Crazy Swedes

Rocky, Cap d'Ail, Matt & Erin Arrive

Ventimiglia, Mini Rant, Menton, Sand Exists

Rain Still Sucks!, St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Sandwich Cam Breaks New Ground & Limoncello Time

Rain Sucks!, Epic Fail @ St Paul de Vence, Cameras 101

Saorge, We Make A Rare Find,

The Russian Church, The Boys Lost, The Swedes Are Here & Some Weirdness

Entrevaux, Geology Plus, Climbing Mt. Everest,

Old Town, Churches, EuroCup and the Irish are Boring

The HTML gods are Evil, Ventimiglia Open Market & An Awesome Hawaiian Shirt For Me!

St Tropez, Chicken Legs, Sandwich Cam, End of The World Clouds,

Our Park, the Nice Beaches (Maybe), Villefranche-sur-Mer & a Mini Rant (EXTRA LONG!)

Breakfast on The Balcony, Exciting Day of Shopping (Groceries) & The Hood

Dorthy I Don't Think We Are In Nice? The Sounds of Stockholm & Some More Weirdness

The Trip Begins, TSA Security Lines, A 70 Minute Pizza and Some Weirdness