Breakfast on The Balcony, Exciting Day of Shopping (Groceries) & The Hood

Breakfast on The Balcony 

Where did you have breakfast today? This is where I had breakfast this morning... how civilized!!

Our apartment has an amazing balcony with some nice views. Here is the building across the street... it is very cool.

And to the left is a nice park...

We decided to take it easy today and battle jet lag. So the plan was to go shopping and stock-up the apartment with food & other supplies. After that we would walk around the neighborhood.

But first we needed to eat breakfast, so we headed just around the corner from our apartment to a small food store to grab the essentials for a proper breakfast (eggs, ham, OJ, bread...)

After about 20 minutes... mission accomplished :-) and master chef Susie cooked us a great breakfast.

After a great breakfast, we headed off to the bigger food market to buy other groceries & supplies. FYI... this is our lobby. Gregory (the property manager) told us red & black are the colors of Nice and were used in the lobby. You might be able to notice the glitter in the floor... very cool.

It took us about 5 minutes to get to the big supermarket - Casino. Here are a few pics and comments:

If you want a proper shopping cart, you must pay 1 euro (about $1.15). You put the euro in the silver thingy on the chain to release the cart.  Otherwise you can use a small basket for free... we chose the free option. 

Walking into the store we were greeted by a garlic tree :-) This display was like 7 ft tall!

NEWS FLASH... The French like wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the wine section in the super market:

Here is another supermarket's section of wine (note this was a small to medium size store)

Here was Sandy's favorite... she calls them "2 buck chuck wine". Her criteria for selecting wine - the cheapest wine with the prettiest label :-)    (Note the prices on the wall) 

OK enough with the shopping. Here are a few pics from our hood...

We grabbed a nice dinner at the restaurant right next to our building. The food was great. Susie had eggplant lasagna, Sandy had salmon lasagna and I had a pizza (and this pizza didn't take 70 minutes :-)  ) . After a relaxing dinner we walked from about 10 minutes to the sea. Here are a few shots from the walk:

A shot of the beach...

Well it is off to bed...



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