The Trip Begins, TSA Security Lines, A 70 Minute Pizza and Some Weirdness

The Journey Begins

So we begin. 

Sandy (who worked with me & Susie at Miller Brewing back in the day and will be with us until June 16) picked us up at 3pm for a 9:20pm SAS flight out of Chicago. We figured that with all the delays with the TSA security lines we wanted to be at the airport by 5pm, allowing us 4 hours to get through security. The drive was uneventful and we got to the airport around 5pm. After we checked our bags we headed for the dreadful security lines. We read horror stories of 3+ hour at Chicago! Here is what we were expecting:

BUT, the travel gods were in a very good mood and here is what we had to deal with (NOTE: TSA does not allow photos of their operations & I really don't want to go to jail... even for my blog :-)  so here is a rough approximation of the security line... or lack thereof) 

We got through the security line in less than 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As we walked away from the security checkpoint we smiled with glee but then realized we had 4+ hours left before our flight. What should we do?

After walking around the concourse for 20 minutes, we decided to grab some dinner at an Italian restaurant and just relax. I ordered a pizza, Susie had some pasta with salmon and Sandy had a salad. We placed our order at 5:30. After 20 minutes and no food we joked that they must have run out out of salmon and were going to Lake Michigan...

Well another 20 minutes passed & still no food. Our waiter apologized and said there was a shift change... and we would get our food right away.  FINALLY 30 minute later we got our food. It took 70 minutes to get our food! 

So the good news was we got thru security in 5 minutes, the bad news was it took 70 minutes to get a frickin pizza. Here is my 70 minute pizza... FYI it was actually pretty tasty.

Some Weirdness 

Those of you who have followed my previous blogs know I look for the unusual, the bizarre and weird things to put into my blogs. So without any further ado, may I present the most awesome thing I have EVER seen at an airport gift shop:
MAN, this has like all the food groups covered! Come on admit it, your mouth is watering :-)   NO Susie wouldn't let me buy a box :-( 

The flight was pretty uneventful except it got pretty warm in our section of the plane. The flight attendant told us the Airbus planes are notorious for their poor ventilation systems where certain spots get too warm (like our section) and other sections are too cold. I guess SAS should start buying some good old American-built Boeing equipment.  

Well, I'm going to try and get some sleep on this flight.

See you in Sweden. 


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