Fruit Market, The Nice Beach & Crazy Swedes

Fruit Market

Since Matt & Erin arrived late last night, we decided it might be good to walk about the city to  get their bearings. 

Here is the fruit market, Cours Saleya (a large square surrounded by lots of restaurants and an open market in the middle. In the evening, the market close and the area is filled with tables and chairs for the restaurants)

They have all kinds of fruits & vegetables...

Tomatoes of all colors.

Olives galore. This vendor had like 25 different types of olives. Who knew?

Some strange peaches. Notice how flat they are.



Candy that looks like fruit... now we are talking :-) 

DON'T Touch the Meat 

After walking through the fruit & veggie area, we entered the flower section. They had like a million types of flowers. It smelled wonderful!!!

We then walked around the city for a bit. A few shots along the way...


This dude was belting out a bunch of Frank Sinatra songs - and not very well. 
The skies started to darken so we headed home and we had a brief rain shower (about 30 minutes). The skies cleared and we headed to the beach. A few shots...

I mentioned that the beach has no sand, just a bunch of rocks. This should give you an idea (note the bottle cap in the middle to get a sense of scale).

Here you can get an idea on the relationship between the beach & the boardwalk which is about 15 ft above the beach.

On the walk back, we checked out the place we stayed in 2009. It is about 3 blocks from our current apartment. We stayed on the top floor which included 2 bedrooms and nice balcony.

This is a leonberger dog. Our dog (Betty) is part  leonberger dog.

This has to be one of the ugliest cars ever!!!!! It is a Fiat. I really want to meet the guy at Fiat who said "This is a great design, let's build it" :-)

Crazy Swedes :-) 

We walked back down to Cours Saleya for dinner. There are a lot a Swedes in town, but not as many as the boys from Northern Ireland. Sweden plays Belgium (here in Nice) on Wednesday. Here is a bunch of vikings from Goteborg :-)   They were a fun group.

After a nice dinner we walked back home, about 1.4 miles (about 30 minutes)

Sleepy time... 



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  1. Have fun! Enjoying your blog-the commentary as well as the pictures.

  2. Have fun! Enjoying your blog-the commentary as well as the pictures.