Rocky, Cap d'Ail, Matt & Erin Arrive

Earache My Eye...

So, I woke up in the middle of the night with a mosquito buzzing around my ear. All I could think about was the bugger crawling into my ear, biting me & waking up with an earache. The good news is I didn't wake-up with an earache... the bad news is the little shit bit me on my eyelid and I woke up looking like Rocky Balboa...

Earache my eye???? For you younger fellas here is the historical reference: (NOTE: skip ahead to 3:50 for the important reference)  
So after about 1 hour of ice and some ibuprofen my eyelid was functional and we could go out.  

We decided to try someplace a little unknown so we are off to Cap d'Ail. It is a small town (population 4,995) just west of Monaco and we have passed it a million times on the train. It is suppose to have a nice walking path along the sea. 

So here are a few shots along the way...

Our apartment has a parking garage under the building. The weird thing is you have to take you car on an elevator to reach the parking spaces. Here is what it looks like. 
Just plain weird... I have absolutely no idea. How about you?? Aluminum foil wrapped around a moped. Must be a French thing :-) 

Awesome bellowing clouds over the train station.

Lot of these all over the city. 

So the train ride was about 20 minutes long and we found the hiking path in short order. Here is the view from the train stop... not too shabby :-)

As we started down the walking path we ran into a group of 4 people who were in their mid 20's. Two were from South Africa, 1 from Austrailia and 1 from Florida. We walked with them for about 20 minutes and they told us they live/work on a big yacht in Monaco... Boy that has to suck :-) . The group had to clean, maintain and cook for the people on the yacht. The yacht owner lives in Denver and he rents it out with a complete staff. Where can I sign-up for a gig like that?

Here are few shots along the walk.

It hugs the sea for a while...

And then goes through a neighborhood... we are talking lifestyles of the rich & famous... 

Not too shabby...

The path ends at this beach, located in a small cove. Very civilized. 

Check out the houses on the cliff in the background.

A better view of the houses... Wouldn't mind having one of them.

OMG!!!!! Sand on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a quick stop at the beach (my white legs were bothering some people :-)  ) we hiked back and found a nice spot for lunch.

Sandwich Cam

Susie made some awesome sandwiches and even included a dessert!!! Does life get any better :-)
Here is where I had lunch... rather civilized :-) 

After a tasty lunch we did a little more walking along the sea.

Kayakers and a scuba diving boat.

A picnic area with lots of tables and chairs

The sign said this tree is more than 200 years old!

Remember those beautiful bellowing clouds at the train station in Nice? Well they started to turn into rain clouds and were moving in. Here you can see the nice blue skies to the left and the rain clouds on the right side. 

Susie thought it was time to get back home before the it started raining.

Here are few shots around the station.

We made it home dry and picked up Matt (our son) and his friend Erin from the airport. We got home from the airport around 10pm.

Time for bed.


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  1. Love Susie's chapeau
    Beautiful colors in these photos!

  2. Love Susie's chapeau
    Beautiful colors in these photos!