Panoramic Views, A cool Car

An Easy Day

Today we decided to kickback, we have been running around almost everyday - time for break on our vacation  :-)

Yesterday on the way to Eze we passed a little snack bar with an incredible view of the sea. So we decided to have a late lunch at the snack bar.

Here is the snack bar.

Here is the view when you get off the bus - pretty spectacular!!!!!
A short walk down the path...

Sandwich Cam

Here is the view I had for lunch. Not too shabby.

After a quick lunch we walked around for abit. Here are a couple of shots. The pictures really can't capture the incredible views from up here  :-(

On the way back I saw this cool car. I have no idea what it is. If you know, please let a comment below. As it took off it sounded like it had a lawnmower engine powering it :-) 

When we got home, we decided to stay in for dinner. Erin cooked up a great caprese salad to have with our spaghetti dinner. 

One more attempt at a moon shot...



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